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Sticky: my guides and resource lists

A Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak shipper's resource list
[updated 06 Jan 2014]
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A Brandon Bollig/Andrew Shaw tumblr fic directory
[updated 25 Feb 2014]
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I beta-read this story, and it is easily the most delightful thing I've read in months: The Game Has Gone (To Other Spots) by Sharksdontsleep, who also writes Hockey RPF. This one is a Fargo (TV series) story. A beautiful, beautiful, heartwrenching and romantic (so romantic, omg) backstory for Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, who are my second favourite pairing as of now (Phil, Bozie: you have my heart). Hitmen* partners? One of them deaf? Who communicate in ASL?


I haven't even seen Fargo, and I knew only one thing about this pairing, and that is this gifset of a ridiculously married argument in a diner, and I was still verklempt over this story.

(Another fun story for them is the Wolves series.)

*there is violence, they're not what you'd call nice people, and somehow I love them anyway

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Directory update

A Brandon Bollig/Andrew Shaw tumblr fic directory
[updated 24 July 2014]
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[A lot of Feb-Jul fic, entirely thanks to [personal profile] puckling's efforts - thank you! <3 <3 <3]

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Directory update

A Brandon Bollig/Andrew Shaw tumblr fic directory
[updated 18 July 2014]
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Confession time: there is a big gap between 25 February and 18 July when I was only on Tumblr intermittently (reasons, but no excuses) and so I've only been able to add nine things with this update. There should be more! Please let me know what I've overlooked. Thank you :)

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pretty things

I don't play video games, but this made me want to play video games: The ten most beautiful walks in gaming.

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the fridge

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I hope all is well with you, anyway!

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fannish walls

Read about yesterday in an interiors mag. Dropped by just expecting to see cheap art prints, and lo, there are art prints, and they are cheap. But it turns out that there's also an amazing collection of fannish stuff there under the heading movies + TV, including stuff that is just flat-out, unapologetic slash fandom.

I really like this stuff by Alice x Xhang featuring characters from Sherlock, Avengers, Supernatural, Person of Interest, LoTR....

Then there are Keep Calm type posters, and minimalist movie posters and special mention for the Lion King and Hermione and Middle Earth as a tube map and, basically, all sorts. Super nifty.

In related news, I really need to get my own place.

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the wonderful world of work

Had an email exchange today asking for a little bit of professionalism, courtesy, all that good stuff, from a colleague who's been ignoring me. Won't reply to a hello, doesn't acknowledge my presence in any way: won't even look at me. Full-on, primary school playground cold shoulder. His excuse?

Ear wax, in one ear.



(Mind you, I got a bit pompous in response, so neither of us exactly covered ourselves in glory. But ear wax?!)

LOL work.

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So Frazer McLaren of the Leafs was put on waivers on Monday (which he cleared, now playing for the Marlies) and he's close friends with both Phil and Bozak and I have a massive soft-spot for fic sidekicks who happen to be 4th line enforcers and. Well. Never mind this man's real life career woes, let's make it all about meeeee, Phil/Bozie, me.

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we stand on guard for thee

[personal profile] dira has written a wonderful piece on Canada fandom and yes. Me too (only less eloquently and with no visiting). I have feelings about Canada too. For which you can blame Benton Fraser. And hockey. And lovely Canadian fen. And moose. And wolves. And Stan Rogers and Sarah McLachlan. And the shared sense of humour. And the fact that Canadians spell things properly. And landscape. Geez, Canada, so much landscape.

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